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Beakerbrowser's Homebase - a self-deployable tool for managing websites published with the Dat protocol

  • Hello Cloudron community!

    My name is Nick and I am posting here in hopes of getting the Homebase app created by- added to the Cloudron app store. Here is the repo-
    Beakerbrowser is built with Electron & utilizes the- which is a p2p protocol for publishing data including web pages and web apps. The browser also accesses the conventional web via (http/https)

    The Homebase app allows users to:

    • Keep dat:// websites online
    • Publish dat:// websites to DNS shortnames
    • Mirror dat:// websites to https://
    • Provision and manage HTTPS with Let's Encrypt
    • Optional Pinning Service API endpoints

    They have a company which has built and provides a hosting service called-
    This has also been open sourced-
    The point of the projects (Beakerbrowser, Dat & Hashbase/Homebase) are to create an open web with "no servers" but we all understand there still have to be some form of server somewhere and in this instance a self hosted server like Cloudron is more than ideal. We would like to be able to simply install the Homebase app and start to host web-pages and apps on the Dat protocol/network from a personal secure cloud! I can imagine many others would enjoy and utilize this as well!

    Regardless, ❤ what y'all are doing with Cloudron!

    Here are some additional resource about the listed projects:
    Youtube Video

    Go and download the Beakerbrowser to access the below podcast with the founders: Episode 3 is good!

    Also, just mess around with the browser especially if you are a web and or app developer!