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Credit card expired

  • Hey, guys. So I have a basic cloudron paid plan, and had a few credit card issues. I can see my latest (still unpaid) invoice, and I've already changed my payment method to the new card. The problem is that I was unable to find a way to retry payment anywhere on the site.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

  • Staff

    @malvim The retry is done automatically by us. You will get a notification if the retry failed. I can see here that a payment from your did go through about a hour ago.

  • Staff

    @malvim the payment already went through. Thanks for letting us know about the situation.

  • Hey, thanks guys!

    You might want to consider putting a message on the invoices page or somewhere else about this, to be more explicit. Anyway, thanks for your help (and for cloudron!), I'm glad to know it went through alright.


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