Migrate Nextcloud - Keep Nextcloud Users and Settings

  • I want to migrate my Nextcloud installation to Cloudron but want to keep the already existing users (incl. password - I do not want to use the Cloudron authentication for Nextcloud) and settings (shares, permissions, extensions, ...). How can I do that?

  • Unfortunately, I don't think there is some automated way to do this, yet. However you can install the nextcloud app on your Cloudron and selectLeave user management to the app during installation, then you somehow have to export and import the database backup. You can get a remote shell connection into the Cloudron app via the dashboard andhttps://cloudron.io/documentation/apps/nextcloud/#running-occ-tool mentions how to run occ correctly. Regarding importing the files with potentially setup share/access permissions, I am not sure myself how to do this correctly. Maybe there are upstream migration guides which handle that case?

  • @nebulon Thanks for the hints. I'll give it a try and will report back once done...