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SOLVED Restore from Backup Error - Fileserver

  • Hi,

    I am trying to restore from a backup from the filysystem. I use EXT4 drives that I mount and then restore from there.
    When trying to restore from the ui, I get the error that the yellowtent is not the owner of the backup files.

    Changing the backup folder rights with chmod results in an "File not found".Trying again gives me "Internal Error" without any explanation. From there nothing happens, just "Internal Error" repeatedly.

    I tried everything:

    • changing chmod only for /mnt/backups
    • changing chmod for all recursive files and folders

    Where should I look or what else could be the problem? The files are definitely there.

  • Staff

    Can you check if the backup format is correct (i.e tgz or rsync) when you restore from the backups? The logs are in journalctl -u box -a.