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UNSOLVED Issues on server migration

  • Hi,

    I've got an issue when I want to restore a Cloudron backup on another server. I want to clone my Cloudron server A on another server B : it's what the doc calls "migration" .
    I did that to test a complete backup of my main server, while keeping it alive.

    What is going on:

    • Backup of Cloudron A (running on Ubuntu 16.04)
    • Installation of same version Cloudron on ther fresh server B (Ubuntu 18.04)
    • Copying Cloudron A backup on server B
    • Setting up the DNS of Cloudron B
    • Using "Looking to restore" and providing all information
    • Near the end, a message saying "Not found" is displayed
    • Going to my.<server B>, login prompt is displayed, but it redirects to my.<server A>/login_callback.html?token=<??>&state=<??>
    • Subdomains B are unreachable, returning 404 errors
    • After rebooting, my.<server B>/#/apps is reachable
    • Cloudron B has the same Cloudron ID as Cloudron A
    • Subdomains are reachable, but all application are in "Restoring (pending)" status
    • When doing cloudron inspect:
      • apiEndpoint is <server B>
      • every <app>.domain is set to <server A> and <app>.fqdn are <app>.<server A>
    • Users on server B are correct as well as groups
    • When going to "Domains & Certs", an "Internal Error" message appears and "Domains" section is empty
    • When adding domain <server B> with a wildcard DNS API provider, it still displays "Internal Error" and an empty domain list
    • When repairing applications and setting their domain to <server B>, they are still in "error" status
    • When changing all database entries where <server A> was mentionned to <server B>, they are still in "error" status
    • Deleting all application then restoring one by one from backup seemed to work, but not for a long time. After a few day, more than half of the applications were in "error" status.

    One should be able to clone a Cloudron server easily from a backup, even if the DNS is different. And what are the issue of having two different Cloudron servers with the same ID ?

    I submit a new issue for this.

  • Staff

    @CarbonBee Did I understand correctly that the DNS of cloudron A and Cloudron B are different above?

    If so, the behavior is expected (not saying it is correct or even good). Currently, there is no easy way to easily 'migrate' domains - it is only easy to migrate a Cloudron from one server to another provided that all the DNS remains the same.

    Can you explain your use case a bit more so we can try to come up with a solution together? I guess you are trying to test your backups? How can we make this work when Cloudron has multiple domains? Once you restore to another server, Cloudron will do the DNS setup of apps automatically and it will end up re-configuring the DNS of the apps to point to this new server.

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