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storage error

  • Hello,

    My mail + Nextcloud are going offline all the time.

    Logs say it has to do with full storage... Nextcloud (after restarting running again for a short time) indicates also a full storage... BUT I have +20GB free space on the Digital Ocean droplet...

    What can I do?
    Hope someone can help 🙂

  • Deleted some big files so it keeps running normal now... still Nextcloud indicates a hd of 20GB, Digitalocean says 60GB...

  • what does the cloudron graph or df on the shell say? did you clean up the deleted files as well?

  • That's weird.
    In 'graphs' I see under 'Disk usage' that I use 55GB...

    Nextcloud is only 10,8 GB at the moment (deleted files deleted).

  • This leaves the docker images, backups, huge logfiles or you have a lot of emails. can you check what's eating up the space on your machine?

  • Where can I check the docker images? 'docker' doesn't exist in my /var/lib/

  • Staff

    @wh82 you can check docker system df for the image sizes as well as if you use local backups, check how large /home/yellowtent/platformdata/backup is (unless you have specified some other location for backups on the disk through the backup settings)

  • Staff

    This was resolved offline - most issues where related to unbound (the internal DNS server) being down. Fixed by System -> restart unbound.

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