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SOLVED Feature request: rename or organize apps somehow

  • Right now apps are named in the dashboard according to their subdomain. It would be great if we could organize or give them custom names somehow.


  • Staff

    We are open to adding this. Can you give you suggestions on what type of organization might help you? For example, like a domain level grouping (when you have multiple domains) or some other way?

    Custom names and icons should be doable easily.

  • First of all, domain level separation would be really great. (it makes sense, because there already email which are also domain related)

    Then we could maybe have "favorite" apps, appearing on top.

    Renaming app would be useful, if this could be taken into account also in the notifications: sometimes we have the docker ID of the app, but it isn't always really helpful when there's no context added.

    Related to the same page, it would be helpful to have a different tile color for apps which are crashed or in a bad state. Right now if I see an app with ID has crashed alert, I have to scroll through all my apps to find the correct one.

  • @girish Could we please get Custom names and Icons? More of a custom application tab filler. I use the app for a small company and we use multiple sites for many functions.. Such as cloudflare for our other services, digital ocean for our websites, and many more. We would like to add them for users/groups just as we would an app. Heres an example... Simple tab that links to cloudflares website.. Accessable by group developers 9f7f9635-c414-4806-989c-7afc5e55b3af-image.png

  • Staff

    OK, will keep this feature in mind when planning for 3.6.

  • @girish Thank you.

  • Staff

    Just a heads up. The next release will include initial tag support for apps and thus filtering based on tags in the dashboard as well as allowing to specify a display name for each app, instead of the current subdomain/domain.