Feature Suggestion

  • I don't know if possible, but being able to customise the subdomain for the mail server (and any future services not on port 80,443 that are part of the main Cloudron server) would be helpful when putting a Cloudron server behind Cloudflare.

    It also really bugs my OCD having a mail server called my.xxxx.xxx instead of mail.xxxx.xxx

    I was also wondering if it would be possible to change the server name from my.xxxx.xxx to our own value?

    I realise these requests are mainly cosmetic and I'm not even sure if the mail one is possible with the mail security setup. But you never know if you never ask 😃

    Keep up the great work

  • @MORGiON You can always setup a CNAME from mail.xxx.xxx to my.xxx.xxx. Then configure your mail clients with mail.xxx.xxx. That should work. If the client complaints about certificate hostname mismatch, just accept the cert.

    This is the current workaround, but at some point we want to make the mail a separate app that is installable on any location, just like any other app.

  • @girish Thankyou, will give it a go.

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