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SOLVED Test installation refuse to install apps

  • Hi @nebulon @girish

    I am testing some server configurations with cloudron, make some errors, have to reinstall and repeat the process until I am satisfied with my setup.
    In the last reinstallation Cloudron refuse to let me install any apps, saying:

    Subscription required
    The free plan only allows 2 apps. Please sign up for a paid plan to install more apps.

    As I have reinstalled the server and installed a new cloudron, there are no apps installed in this cloudron, so there must be some error in your system that for some strange reason still see the apps installed in previous installations, and count those towards the 2 app free limit.

    This make it difficult to do developer testing before installing a production system.

    Can you please take a look at this problem?

  • Staff

    Do those installations by chance have the same cloudron id? If they are fresh installations without restoring from a previous backup, I cannot really see how this situation may have happened.

  • @nebulon These testinstallations are fresh. I have a Virtualbox Ubuntu18.04 clean server guest OS, which I clone when I need it, and then - after the cloning process - install a fresh Cloudron on it. When something goes wrong, I delete the guest OS, start a new clone, and do again a fresh installation of Cloudron. So I can not see how they should get the same cloudron id?

    I'll make a note of the current cloudron id, and then do a fresh install, and then we see if it gets the same id as the previous one. I'll report back when done.

    What conditions generate the Cloudron ID? Is it the hardware setup? If so the hardware setup are the same for each VBox server. Maybe I need to slightly alter the harddrive size for each new testinstallation?

  • @nebulon OK, new installation tested. Fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server Virtualbox clone, then installed fresh Cloudron. Cloudron ID is exactly the same id as previous installation (d781350d-8cc0-4d73-85a6-5214430500b8)

    I did not change any VirtualBox "hardware" settings. Maybe I should try again, different RAM and different HD size?

    BTW, all test installations have been configured for the same domain. Dont' know if that has anything to do with creating this odd problem?

    Maybe I could have avoided these problems if I had uninstalled the installed apps in the first cloudron, before I deleted it. But main problem would still be there, then maybe for others to discover.

  • Staff

    Ah thanks for that information, we have located the root cause of this. Our latest code will reassign the same cloudron id if a new server with the same domain from the same account is created. This was since we had to reassign previously setup subscriptions quite often. We haven't thought of that specific case you hit but are working on a fix. Until that please send an email with that specific cloudron id to and I will clear those old entries.

  • @nebulon Thanks a lot. NextCloud app installed. Now continue testing 🙂