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  • App Dev

    Just as an FYI the app update of Dokuwiki to 1.6.0 cut my own (and only active user of Dokuwiki) off from my protected pages. Since that user was an admin I did not set explicit access permissions for it.

    Adding the following two lines to local.php restored access:

    $conf['plugin']['authldap']['mapping']['grps']  = array('memberof' => '/CN=(.+?),/i');
    $conf['superuser']   = '@admins';
  • Staff

    Thanks for the heads up and the workaround!

    The last update explicitly removed the admin status propagation from Cloudron user accounts to the app. This is done to unify how user accounts get permissions assigned within all apps. The idea is, that the Cloudron admin status is not carried over to apps, since apps have too many different concepts what an admin is and is not.

    I guess there is no good way without requiring manual permission changes to move to this new understanding what admin means on Cloudron.