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Specify which docker image to install in CloudronManifest.json?

  • As the title asks, is there a way to specify a docker image via CloudronManifest to install? To simplify custom apps not yet in the app store to install and test across multiple servers.

    Essentially this would allow one to fork the repository and install right away without having to build unless they wanted to.

    Example (option 2):

      "id": "org.urgero.codeserver",
      "title": "VSCode Server",
      "author": "Mitchell Urgero <>",
      "description": "file://",
      "changelog": "file://CHANGELOG",
      "tagline": "eh, I guess just to test?",
      "version": "0.0.4",
      "healthCheckPath": "/",
      "httpPort": 8000,
      "addons": {
        "localstorage": {}
      "postInstallMessage":"A default password was generated and saved unencrypted due to cloudron and code-server limitations. See the apps logs for the current password and use that to login. You can change the password by modifying <code>/app/data/temp</code> in the apps terminal.",
      "tcpPorts": {
        "APP_PORT": {
          "title": "APP Port",
          "description": "A TCP Port used for any services you plan to test while coding in VSCode. (NodeJS server, PHP Server, Go Server, etc). Since this is Docker, the value here is the listening port on your Cloudron instance. Your app must listen on port 3333 internally while in VSCode.",
          "defaultValue": 3333,
          "containerPort": 3333
      "manifestVersion": 1,
      "private": true,
      "website": "",
      "contactEmail": "",
      "icon": "file://logo.png",
      "tags": [
      "mediaLinks": [ ]

  • Staff

    I guess you are looking for a way for people to easily install apps without 'building' them? If so, we will shortly be enabling community apps. This way you (the app author) can publish apps and people don't need to build from code.

  • Yes, if that is going to be an option soon then we can mark this as resolved 😄 Thanks!

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