What's coming in 4.2

  • 4.2 will add the following:

    • Update apps to manifest v2.
    • Fix up apps to make migration easier. Many users are migrating apps from one Cloudron to another. For example, they install and setup an app in staging.domain.com and then move it to another cloudron at prod.domain.com. In such cases, the LDAP identification/auth causes problems because users of one Cloudron are different from the other Cloudron. We are fixing the apps to use username attribute consistently instead of uid. This means that as long as usernames match, migrations will happen seamlessly.
    • Migrate mongodb to cluster mode. New versions of Rocket.Chat require mongodb oplog to be enabled and also to run mongodb in cluster mode.
    • Rework app task. This is an internal code refactor but expected to be quite big.
    • Customizable app data directory - this will allow you to mount an external disk (like a DO block storage) and make an app use that storage block. This was expected to be in 4.1 but is blocked by the app task rework.

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