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SOLVED Collabora Template Preview in Nextcloud issue

  • App Dev

    So I think I have honed in on the issue with template previews not showing up in Nextcloud. The app is looking for a template in the /app/richdocuments/template/preview folder. The js that puts the document there at creation of a new template is

     * Append a new template to the dom
     * @param {Object} data the template data from the template controller response
    function appendTemplateFromData(data) {
    	var template = document.querySelector('.template-model').cloneNode(true);
    	template.className = '';
    	template.querySelector('img').src = data.preview;
    	template.querySelector('figcaption').textContent =;
    	template.querySelector('.delete-template').href = data.delete;
    	document.querySelector('#richdocuments-templates > ul').appendChild(template);
    	template.querySelector('.delete-template').addEventListener('click', deleteTemplate);
  • Staff

    Thanks for the report. I have created