[Feature request] Limit total number of backups

  • Hi there Cloudronians,

    My server works like a charm but there is one feature that I would like to see. Currently, the amount of backups that I have of my server varies grealy, so the amount of storage space that I need on my backup drive varies equally much. I would like to have this more constant so the backup drive is not suddenly completely filled up when there are a couple of updates together with the usual backup schedule.

    Would it be an option to limit the amount of backups? Say, maximum of 1 backup related to updates and 1 backup related to regular backup scheduling?

  • Currently you can only set the retention time and the normal backup interval in the backup settings. Also note that the system keeps at least one backup all the time. A better solution however might be to choose the rsync backup format, this does incremental backups and thus only actually stores new files during a new backup. This should keep the storage amount lower as well.

  • I was unaware of the incremental feature in rsync. That will work for me, thank you!

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