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How to set the timezone for better log reading?

  • How does one change the timezone so it's easier to view the logs? It would be a huge help in removing the task of converting the time every time I want to look at a certain time in the logs for an event. The logs are in UTC. I saw the documentation here ( and tried to run the command but nothing shows in the output, no error, nothing. It's as if functionality here doesn't exist anymore. Any ideas?

    All I want to achieve is reading the system logs and email logs in my time zone rather than UTC (which is what it appears to be - example, it's 8:13 PM Pacific Time on Oct 27, but the logs show the next day (Oct 28) at 3:13 AM.

    If this isn't currently possible, it'd be great to have this feature in the product as a setting.

  • Staff

    Yes the logs will always be stashed in UTC as far as I can tell. I think the translation should happen in the logviewer parts, where we maybe should translate the timestamp to browser local time or server local time?

  • @nebulon I would suggest it should be done according to server local time, but either will work. Basically I just want a way to see the logs in a way that makes sense timeline-wise when I need to look for errors that happen at 5 PM Pacific Time for example, want to make sure I'm not going to waste any time by messing up a manual time conversion.

  • Staff

    For a start, we have added a UI to set the timezone for the next release.

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