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SOLVED Feature request: Display remaining/available disk space in Graphs page

  • Hello,

    It seems that the new graph for disks is great, I definitely think it's a huge improvement over the previous versions. However, I'd love to see the ability to quickly know how much space is available on the disk. The way it is right now, I have to do the manual math to determine how much is left. While I can easily SSH to it and find out too, sometimes I want to keep an eye on it on the road and it isn't as easy to SSH to the box rather than just login to Cloudron. If I can hover over every other colour / section in that graph and know exactly how much it takes up, I should be able to use that same feature to find out how much is available too. 🙂

    Just a thought anyways. Thanks in advance!


  • Staff

    Interesting, this was simply missed I guess. I have added it now and it will be part of the next release.

    It will look like this then:
    Screenshot_2019-11-05 Cloudron.png