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Cant send email using mautic and cloudron email server

  • Hi I cant send mail using mautic with cloudron email server, i try to use the setting that cloudron provide,
    Host: use my.domain.tld
    Port: 587
    Encryption: none because mautic dont support STARTTLS
    Username: my cloudron
    Password: my cloudron password

    I also have switch to port 25,2525,465,587 and none of them works
    What should i do? Please help

  • that works for me: mautic-mail.png

  • @luckow using your mail settings work but I'm wondering if it's okay to have it like this, without TLS etc..

    When I try to use my box cloudron SMTP server with TLS and login enabled I get this error :

    Expected response code 220 but got code "500", with message "500 Unrecognized command " Log data: ++ Starting Swift_SmtpTransport << 220 ESMTP Haraka/2.8.24 ready >> EHLO << 250-my.***.org Hello []Haraka is at your service. 250-PIPELINING 250-8BITMIME 250-SMTPUTF8 250-SIZE 26214400 250 AUTH LOGIN PLAIN >> STARTTLS << 500 Unrecognized command !!

  • PHP 7 Fatal Error when messing with the Mail Settings in Configuration :

    Also in the Mail settings : if one tries to configure "Monitored Inbox Settings"
    by adding a cloudron hosted email account to monitor for errors, bounce etc...
    it seems it can't connect, and output this error message :
    Error communicating with the IMAP server: [CLOSED] IMAP connection broken (server response)

    The point is none of the cloudron email settings (IMAP or SMTP) work with Mautic beside the ones provided above by @luckow

  • Another weird bit appearing in the Mautic Log of the cloudron app is this bit : zend_mm_heap corrupted

  • Another bug I found :

    If you configure the Twitter plugin (you must add your Twitter app keys first) and then go to "social monitoring" and add an Hashtag and a mention monitoring entry, after a while it seems to fetch twiter data fine, but when this needs to added to the mautic database it produce this error :

  • Arf, even tho using @luckow config settings seems to pass the "test connection" test, sending actual emails does not work
    i'm not even sure why because i don't see anything in the log file when I hit the send button

    and on top of that, the fact that going to systematically crash the dashboard
    makes it very hard to find a reason for all this..What is clear is that each time you change a config setting, it seems mautic regenerate a seems this issue is listed here :

    Right now it's completely unstable, sometimes I can access the configuration page, the moment I save a change, it crash
    i'm having a hard time to pin point the issue to something specific..

    Each time I make a setting change & hit "save & close"
    I see this in the error log :

    Jan 08 17:56:24 [Wed Jan 08 17:56:24.137114 2020] [core:notice] [pid 1] AH00052: child pid 63 exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

  • Staff

    For the TLS, it is safe without TLS because the connection from mautic to the mail server is entirely internal to the server.

    For the other issues, we have to investigate.

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