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Cloudron 4.3 released

  • Staff

    Hi all,
    We released Cloudron 4.3. The blog has more details about the release.

    • Network View - Use this to select the IP address that Cloudron uses to configure the DNS.
    • Custom Apps - Development and deployment of custom apps (using Docker) is integrated a first class feature. See the tutorial for getting started.
    • Custom CSP Policy
    • LDAP Connector
    • email: Auto-subscribe to Spam folder
    • ticket: when email is down, add a field to provide alternate contact email
    • Add pagination and search to mailbox and mail alias listing
    • Resolve any lists and aliases in a mailing list
    • Rename Accounts view to Profile
    • Add search for groups and user association UI
    • List unstable apps by default

  • Staff

    Just a heads up. There were a few bugs/regressions that we found since we released this:

    • LDAP connector has a bug causing sync to be super slow.
    • LDAP connector does not auto-create users (have to synchronize by hand periodically)
    • Private Registry setting fails when using ECR
    • Memory usage graphs do not show all the apps

    We are pushing out a 4.3 patch release later today that should fix the above issues.

  • Hi @girish,

    @girish said in Cloudron 4.3 released:

    LDAP Connector

    I was wondering about that, bit did not dare to try it since I only have my "production" cloudron. What happens when there is a user with the same name in my ldap, but that already exists locally? Can I map these users?

    @girish said in Cloudron 4.3 released:

    Custom Apps - Development and deployment of custom apps (using Docker

    Does that mean that the requirement to base containers in the cloudron image is gone? (I must say I like this, since makes backups easy).

  • Staff

    @fbartels If there is a conflicting username, we skip it. It will log a conflict. If it helps, the code is at

    Yes, base container requirement is gone (it was never enforced by the platform itself, but just our buildbot which is gone now).

    I would hold on till 4.3.3 to test the LDAP connector.

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