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  • Hey folks,

    Anyone is aware of what's the deal with the setting of cron job for the Mautic app?

    When I try to enter crontab -e on the terminal I'm getting the error command not found message. Huh?

    Then, I noticed there's this button at the top "Sheduler/cron". How cool, but how does it work!?

    Clicking the button we see a dropdown menu with a fair large list of choices of attributes, all right then what?

    When I click, let's say "mautic_campaigns_trigger" for example, there's a command that posts itself to the command line like, in this case; # sudo -u www-data --preserve-env php /app/code/app/console mautic:campaigns:trigger without return carriage. That's it!

    Now what? Is this scheduled? Is that all? Do I need to press enter? (pressing it seems to do nothing more) Do I need to click each of the attributes from the dropdown one after another in order to complete the cron scheduling required to run mautic??

    Cloudron's mautic doc is empty, and seacrh on this forum was not relevant and of no help at all.


  • Staff

    @micmc Mautic is already pre-configure with the cron jobs. See . The 'cron' button in the terminal is intended to help you run any of the tasks listed in the manifest "immediately" at that instant. Otherwise, they will run automatically based on the schedule pattern in the manifest.

    For your case, the trigger pattern is below:

          "mautic_campaigns_trigger": {
            "schedule": "2,17,32,47 * * * *",
            "command": "sudo -u www-data --preserve-env php /app/code/app/console mautic:campaigns:trigger"

  • @girish WOW that's fantastic! And for someone used to set crontab from cli that's too easy, once we know it... lol 🙂

    Left to add this info to the docs.

    Cheers mate.