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    Give the holiday time, this release is mostly a bunch of various important fixes. No new major features as such. We are focusing on getting some apps (like a conference app and the bitwarden one).

    Changes are:

    • Show swap info in system graphs
    • Make avatars customizable. Previously, we used to use gravatar. We decided it's best to not use that by default (given our privacy first policy).
    • Import: Couple of important changes. With the CLI, you can now directly import a backup from an external location into your Cloudron without having to change your Cloudron's backup configuration. This way, if you have 2 cloudrons (one prod and one for testing), you can migrate the app from testing to prod with a single command (cloudron import) without having to rsync/scp backups etc. Another important change is that you can also extract a backup directly into the app's data directly and "resurrect" an app from there. This option is useful if you have a very large backup and you can use some external tool like rclone to download the backup (with resume support) and then import it into Cloudron.
    • Lots of fixes to the repair UI. We had several issues with it being hard to fix apps in error state.
    • acme2: Implement post-as-get. This is required for Let's Encrypt

  • @girish you guys are doing what I would be doing if I were a software engineer. I took about a year off from Cloudron (Old forum name was Spectrely) and I tried to "roll my own" Cloudron replacement with docker-compose and a lot of effort. I then thought I'd give Cloudron a try again, and boy have you guys been busy! Its fast, polished, and mature. I can't say enough good about it.
    The only thing remaining, in my opinion are some better selected apps for certain tasks (like photo management) and a real support for federation. Imagine Cloudron being a painless way to deploy federated apps, a million Cloudrons out there all linking together fighting Big Tech. I love the story on that one.

  • P.S. Whats the estimated timetable on this? No pressure, but curious.

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    @will Welcome back 🙂 and thanks for your words of encouragement. If course, we wouldn't have been able to work on this continuously if not for support of all the customers.

    As for 4.4, it's already out and new installation already get 4.4. For existing Cloudrons, we will enable the update probably next week.

    For the photo app, piwigo is getting ready - .

  • @girish Can I get on an early release list for 4.4? I remember who guys pushed updates to those who requested previously. You guys still do that? I'll "beta" test.

  • @will also, how do I update the email on my subscription? Thanks.

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    @will Please send an email to about this and we will update the details then. It happens rarely, so it is not automated.

  • @will said in What's coming in 4.4:

    real support for federation. Imagine Cloudron being a painless way to deploy federated apps, a million Cloudrons out there all linking together

    Wholeheartedly supporting this and would be willing to help out testing etc.

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    Not directly related to Cloudron company's vision, but I would love to have a backup backend that stores my encrypted backups (in chunks) on my friends cloudrons. I guess some kind of encrypted ipfs. This way I don't need store backups on s3 as I do now and can utilize the large disks most home servers have.

  • @girish Can you go over your vision for the future and what you see as possible use cases for Cloudron?

  • @yusf @will for now i think both rocket chat and next cloud are implementing federation capabilities so that's a start =]

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    @will sure, i will make a separate post. we are rolling out a release now, so probably after that.