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ResourceSpace - Digital Asset Management (DAM)


    Why ResourceSpace?

    Digital Asset Management (DAM) software such as ResourceSpace can be used by photographers, marketers, designers and anyone who wants to organize, modify and securely share their images, documents, presentations, videos, audio files, indesign files and every other digital file.

    If you're working with large amounts of digital assets, whether they are pictures, stock photos, indesign files, documents, presentations, videos, audio files or any other rich media content a good solution is crucial for saving time and money, whilst increasing your efficiency. A good DAM platform will eliminate any wasted time spent on searching and trying to find a certain file, and will ensure that you can share your content instantly with anybody.

    Many people ask why they would need a Digital Asset Management in place if they have Dropbox or Google Drive. A DAM system is a tool with extensive features that go far beyond any simple photo storage or cloud based file storage system.

    Your DAM system will have thumbnails and full previews of your images, video and design files so you can see your files before selecting them.

    A Digital Asset Management system allows you to create a 'single source of truth' for all of your digital assets. It eliminates the need to search for your digital assets on servers located across the world, your colleagues computers, email inboxes and even USB sticks.

    Spending ages searching for that one illusive logo, the current version of the power point template or even the newest version of your poster ad campaign for your project can be infuriating; now you, your team and clients can browse your digital content visually as well as having the ability to find the right material with an intuitive search. By adding tags and other relevant metadata you'll make sure that everyone can always find the right digital assets within seconds of searching.