queryNs ENODATA <my domain>

  • Hi I'm setting up cloudron and i'm having some trouble with my domain setup.
    I'm using wildcard dns and a domain from the provider no-ip where I have setup a wildcard *.<my domain> domain, but i'm getting the error in the title: queryNs ENODATA. Any suggestions for how to debug this would be appreciated.

  • @RichardJActon If it's a brand new domain, it could be that the DNS has not propagated yet. Or is this a subdomain of an existing domain (for example, foo.ddns.net style)?

  • It is a subdomain of the form foo.ddns.net, i've add *.foo.dns.net. I think the domain should have propagated by now as it sent me to the webpage that I used to host there before I remapped ports 80 and 443 to the machine i'm installing cloudron on.

  • @RichardJActon In the advanced section of the domain setup page, put ddns.net as the zone name. That should make it work. Note that Let's Encrypt cert will most likely not work because LE has a limit based on the top level domain. Cloudron will automatically use a self-signed certificate in this case. If this happens, just accept the self-signed cert and you should see the admin creation page.

    If you are curious about the zone name: Cloudron uses the public suffix list to get the top level domain of a domain and use that as the zone name. Domains like ddns.net are "special" and they will return foo.ddns.net as the top level domain. So, Cloudron will incorrectly assume that foo.ddns.net is the zone name.

  • Ah seems to be working now thanks - I had added my full domain foo.ddns.net to the zone name field initially as It autofilled ddns.net and I thought that cloundron might then try to generate subdomains with the foo part missing e.g. my.ddns.net which wouldn't work but apparently not. Thanks for the Help!