Enabling or Disabling SSH "support access" function does not create anything in the Event Log

  • I think I have stumbled across a bug or possibly more of a missing security workflow that should definitely exist.

    I had tried enabling and then later disabling the SSH "support access" function from the Support page in my Cloudron server. When I later went to the Event Log page, I noticed that function enable/disable was never displayed in the table on the Event Log page.

    I'm unsure if this is a bug or something that just was overlooked in the design, but I'm sure you'd agree that something as critical as enabling or disabling remote SSH access to a server containing a lot of data should most definitely be properly logged and shown on the Event Log page too.

  • Yes that eventlog entry was simply not created, this was fixed actually a few days ago with https://git.cloudron.io/cloudron/box/commit/93199c7f5bb491629c865b283a46ecdaef59741f

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