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  • Staff

    Hi all,
    I have just published FilePizza as an unstable app.

    App store link:

  • How about we could change the Toppings? Like a localization - or even add own one? It is possible through their

  • This could be done by configuring the /app/code/src/toppings.js

  • Shouldn’t each pizza get procedurally generated topping based on the filename or something? 🤓

  • @yusf Well it is correct that each pizza get's a random selection of toppings. These toppings then will be part of the URL. What i mean is that we could change the name of the toppings and / or the localization, so translate them.
    This is the content of the toppings.js

    export default [

    And i think it would be great if we could just change these to whatever we want. So filepizza uses the words / ingeredients / toppings we set randomly.

    export default [
    ``` and so on.

  • Oh, I see. I agree, though with somewhat low priority 🙂

  • Staff

    We updated this app to use the new turn server in 5.1 🙂

  • @girish cool, but what does this need a turn server for? In order to be able to share files with people on different networks? (I think I had assumed it would just work but never tried it)

  • Staff

    @jdaviescoates yes, it's for sharing files when direct p2p does not work. At a high level, TURN is just providing a bi-directional pipe. It can be used for anything - audio, video, and data.

  • Staff

    So file-pizza is actually using only the STUN part of our turn addon. Once STUN has figured a way to establish a connection the app is using webtorrents to transfer. For other apps which actually use TURN also, they will fallback to TURN relaying data through the server if there is no direct connection possible.

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