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want to edit one file in read-only filesystem (Redmine)

  • Short story:
    is there a way to edit one single file in the read-only filesystem?

    Long(er) story:
    Redmine's markdown module limits the possible URIs in markdown written links. But for us it is a very important feature to be able to link to other apps. Therefore we need links with the URI zpl://... ( App on MacOS).
    For this reason I only need to edit one line in the file /app/code/lib/redmine/helpers/uri.rb. Unfortunately this is not possible in Cloudron due to the read-only filesystem limitation.
    Or is there a trick I don't know?

  • Staff

    Unfortunately if this is not supported by the app via plugins or configuration files, this won't be possible, since manually patching up the app code makes it impossible for us to test new updates. Maybe you can report this as a feature request upstream to make it configurable?

  • Okay, I almost thought so.
    I created a feature request at Redmine:

  • App Dev

    @simon What are you trying to link in Markdown? it should automatically make a linke when you do something like:

    [Link Name](zpl://someserver)

    Is it not?