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  • Hello! I am having some issues with the underlying data in one of my InvoiceNinja installation. After talking with InvoiceNinja's team, they are telling me that I need to modify some records in the mysql database directly. Is there a way that I can access a Cloudron's apps database from a UI like phpmyadmin that I have running remotely? If so, can someone point in a direction on how to connect?

  • Staff

    The MySQL server is not exposed. Are you OK to be able to use the mysql CLI?

    You can access the database either
    a) Web terminal -> Click the mysql button on the top -> Press enter. This drops you into mysql shell. You can then do 'show tables' etc.

    b) Install Cloudron CLI (npm install -g cloudron) on your laptop/PC. Then:

    cloudron exec --app -- bash -c 'mysql --user=${CLOUDRON_MYSQL_USERNAME} --password=${CLOUDRON_MYSQL_PASSWORD} --host=${CLOUDRON_MYSQL_HOST} ${CLOUDRON_MYSQL_DATABASE} -e "SHOW TABLES"';

    (If you remove the -e "SHOW TABLES" part, you will get a shell).