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    Ah, looks we need adjustable port ranges for that to work. Cloudron currently does not support port ranges. But we are investigating this since apps like jitsi and the like requires some ranges to be open as well.

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    @Sidias ah I got it now, I didn't get the slot vs. port thing. I don't see where in Teamspeak you can adjust port ranges, but if you want to run multiple Teamspeak server instances, you can install them alongside each other and during installation assign different ports to them from the Cloudron interface. Each app picks up its assign ports individually. Does that solve your issue?

  • yea you can host multiple teamspeak apps/servers with different ports, you just need to add :port in the ts client to connect to the server, the rest is being set internally

  • @nebulon No how multible Teamspeakinstallation will solve the Problem that the one i installed has the limitation to 1 Port? The License allow me to made 10 virtual servers in total... thats are not different hostet teamspeaks that is 1 TS-Installation that provide all that Servers. So i need to bring them up in the 1 instance i had.. but thats not possible because the standartteamspeakapp has no more ports open.

    Is it so hard to simply define 9 more ports and let them be disabled by default and if someone needs them its one click to bring them open so multiple virutal TS-Servers are possible.

    lg Sidias

    EDIT: I mean i can use a modified version and all that but im sure im not the only one out there using cloudron and has a NPL or Gamingslicense of Teamspeak. So Futureproof TS-App for Cloudron need 9 more ports to be open possibly.

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    To understand this further, you usually run multiple Teamspeak server processes with different ts3server.ini (to be able to adjust the ports) and then use the same license file configured in all those config files? Do they have to share the same database or so? If not, wouldn't it work to install multiple Teamspeak app instances on the same Cloudron and then upload the same license to all of them?

  • @nebulon No there not multible processes. If you install TS3 normally you get 1 Mainprocess and that starts a Child that is your TS-Server you see (1 Virtual Server) and my license allow me to have 10 of them. So i can get into the console of TS3 and define 9 more Servers than the initial 1 but thats all the same license and all licenses can only use in 1 Installation if i host another TS with that license the license get banned after a few hours because thats not allowed.

    Do you really know nothing about TS-Servers? I need todo this in the 1 Installation i had:

    But if i do that the second and all further virtual servers are not reachable because the port is blocked.

    The Voiceservers from TS are only virtual instances.

    lg sidias

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    Ah now it makes sense to me, thanks for the explanation. For this indeed we have to wait until port ranges are implemented. Also if I got this correctly, this only applies to the UDP port, not the ServerQuery port (assuming this is for the control entry of the main instance) nor the file transfer port?

  • @nebulon yes thats correct. But why we must wait until portranges are allowed? Simply define 9 more ports for the app and let them closed by default and if someone needed them they can be used with a simple click...

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    The main reason is, that there is also no way currently to disable ports by default during installation, so unless manually disabled the app will come up with all those ports being open and unused, while occupying them. We will discuss, if we can put this feature in the next release.

  • Ok i had a modified LampApp for multible MCServers and as i bring that App up with 10 Ports for 10 MCservers they are not enabled i had enabled them after installation...

    And if Cloudron supports Portranges they are also still all time open than... No difference.. but in this state that TS-App is unusable for NPL and Gamerlicenses...

    The way with 9 more ports are the best possible for now.

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