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SOLVED 2 new mailing lists features - private lists and basic moderation

  • Hello,

    While I understand that Cloudron mailing lists are not intended to be fully featured lists with subscriptions, etc., I have thought of a couple of new features which could be useful:

    1 - Private lists: have an option to make lists private, i.e. so that only list members can actually email the list

    2 - Basic moderation (this is actually a feature request about the feature request above!): private list could have an "owner" (who is also a list member) who would automatically receive emails coming from non-members of a private list and who could then forward those emails to the list.

    No idea how easy either of these features are to implement but they seems like nice additions.

  • Staff

    1 is definitely doable and something we want as well (for internal company lists. don't want an outsider to send a mail to

    For 2, I think it's a bit outside of scope of Cloudron. Ideally, we would bring apps like mailman, sympa, Majordomo as apps into Cloudron which can help out with subscription management.

  • Thank you Girish.


    1 - yes this is exactly the use case I had in mind. Good to hear it's somewhere in your plans (in fact I wrote that post after reading your entry on plans for 4.5 where you asked for suggestions :)) - I wish I'd have more programming skills to help with more than just suggestions!

    2 - I realise that, and I said I understood the inbuilt mailing lists feature was supposed to be basic, but I just thought this could be simple way to introduce some kind of moderation at a very basic level (or at least as one answer to "what happens to an email sent to a private list from someone not on the list?"), but happy if that's done another way. Do you know if there is a plan to add any of the mailing lists app you mentioned (I did put mailman as a wish a while but it didn't get much traction I think)?

    Many thanks

  • @girish juts for info, do you know if here is a plan / time-scale regarding implementing 1? I'm not asking to request it or put pressure in any way, it's just to I can relay the info for an organisation who has started using Cloudron and wanting email lists and so is considering different options (i.e. using the Cloudron feature or sourcing the service elsewhere). Thank you

  • Staff

    @avatar1024 1 is easy to do and it's in our todo list. We haven't planned our next release since we getting some of the conference/chat apps out but I will post in announcements this week or next, what the plan is. 2 is quite a bit of work, so you can expect it to not happen soonish.

  • @girish Thanks for the info Girish! Actually 1 matters most for their use case so that's great to know. 2 would be nice but not essential to them for now. You are doing an amazing work, and all the lately stuff on conferencing apps has been greatly appreciated!

  • Staff

    Members only flag was added in 5.2