2 new mailing lists features - private lists and basic moderation

  • Hello,

    While I understand that Cloudron mailing lists are not intended to be fully featured lists with subscriptions, etc., I have thought of a couple of new features which could be useful:

    1 - Private lists: have an option to make lists private, i.e. so that only list members can actually email the list

    2 - Basic moderation (this is actually a feature request about the feature request above!): private list could have an "owner" (who is also a list member) who would automatically receive emails coming from non-members of a private list and who could then forward those emails to the list.

    No idea how easy either of these features are to implement but they seems like nice additions.

  • 1 is definitely doable and something we want as well (for internal company lists. don't want an outsider to send a mail to all@company.com)

    For 2, I think it's a bit outside of scope of Cloudron. Ideally, we would bring apps like mailman, sympa, Majordomo as apps into Cloudron which can help out with subscription management.

  • Thank you Girish.


    1 - yes this is exactly the use case I had in mind. Good to hear it's somewhere in your plans (in fact I wrote that post after reading your entry on plans for 4.5 where you asked for suggestions :)) - I wish I'd have more programming skills to help with more than just suggestions!

    2 - I realise that, and I said I understood the inbuilt mailing lists feature was supposed to be basic, but I just thought this could be simple way to introduce some kind of moderation at a very basic level (or at least as one answer to "what happens to an email sent to a private list from someone not on the list?"), but happy if that's done another way. Do you know if there is a plan to add any of the mailing lists app you mentioned (I did put mailman as a wish a while but it didn't get much traction I think)?

    Many thanks

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