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Cloudron as Webhosting Panel

  • Hello, everybody,

    Currently Cloudron is a super cool panel!
    I would be happy if other non-administrator users could be given the opportunity to create their own email accounts.
    Otherwise I always have to create the accounts manually.
    Also a multi-server management function would be really helpful.

    Does anyone know if something like this is planned or if there is a workarround?

  • Staff

    @jonashartmann We have added user roles in the next release, which I expect around next week. There are 4 roles - owner (the person who created the cloudron), admin, user manager and user:

    • Owner can manage the cloudron's subscription but admin cannot. Apart from that they can do whatever they want on the cloudron.

    • User manager can add/invite/remove users.

    • A normal user basically can just login to the dashboard and manage his profile.

    I guess for your case, it would suffice to make the user manager "role" also create mailbox accounts ? Enabling/Disabling mail server is an admin function, so any mailboxes they create won't have any effect unless mail is enabled.

  • @girish this all sounds great - looking forward to the next release! 🙂

    It would also be really nice if there was a simple way to limit the visibility of apps by domain (perhaps using groups?).

    I realise that at present it's possible to create groups and then limit access to specific apps to specific groups, and that could be used now to achieve this, but I'd like a quicker and easier way to say to Cloudron: "this group has access to all apps on this domain" (but none of the other domains) than having to do it app by app.

    Make sense?