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Question about adding fonts and custom samples for OnlyOffice ?

  • Adding more fonts

    Based on this documentation they suggesting to add fonts in /usr/share/fonts/.

    Custom Templates/Sample

    Based on this issue customizing the default font is only a matter of declaring it in these samples but I can't find this public/samples directory.

    My question for Cloudron are

    1. Someone knows where is public/samples dir ?
    2. How to make my new fonts and samples persistent ?
    3. Does these modifications be included in the backup since it is not under /app ?
  • Staff

    I was not aware of that feature actually and thus the app package does not support this yet.
    Since apps on Cloudron run on a read-only filesystem, we have to symlink those folders into /app/data/ somewhere, that way they are also part of the backup.

    I created an issue in the app package repo at so we don't forget about it