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Backups failing due to lack of space, but graphs shows space available

  • My backups are failing due to lack of space, but it's all bit confusing because it says

    Needed: 1.97 GB Available: 1.97 GB

    But if the needed and available are the same why isn't it working?

    Moreover, in graphs it shows:

    3.84 GB of 9.78 GB still available

    alt text

    So which figures are correct?

    I assume if I just increase the size of my backup disk then it'll be fine, but be good to know where the discrepancy in figures is coming from?

  • So, I went ahead a resized my Volume on Hetzner for good measure.

    alt text

    It's now 20GB. But I note when resizing it told me that:

    After resizing your volume, you also have to resize your filesystem manually e.g. with a tool like "resize2fs".

    I wasn't really sure how do it so I followed what it says here

    At first I got a little confused and was trying to run all the commands on /mnt/backups instead of /dev/sdb and so obviously it didn't work. But once I used the correct commands it all went smoothly! 🙂

    Now when I do df -h it shows:

    /dev/sdb 20G 5.5G 14G 30% /mnt/backups

    So seems to be all sorted 🙂

    Now to see if the backups will run smoothly again...

  • Backups now working fine again 😄

    (but still interested to know where the discrepancy in available space figures was coming from and how it can be explained?)

    Also, @nebulon @girish I posted some logs in the OP but have now removed them having spotted:

    Please be careful when uploading these logs to a public server since they may contain sensitive information.

    I'm not sure if they had and sensitive information in or not(?), but they are still viewable in the edit history - if there is something sensitive in there are you able to fully delete from revision history too? Many thanks in advance!

  • Staff

    I think part of the issue here is that disk size data is actually just collected periodically and not at that instant. This is because du can take a long time complete and so we don't do it too often. The initial use case for the sizes was just pretty graphs. Let me look into if we can somehow add 'Last Updated' into the graphs.

    @jdaviescoates I have also made sure that logs are not there on our forum anymore.