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I propose a new category... Work in progress

  • I think we should have a new forum category, apps in progress.
    As more third-party devs take part in cloudron app development, it might serve as a good place to coordinate, ask questions, and generally control the flow of development.
    01 App Wishlist A place to ask for apps, and share the logic of including them in the roadmap for Cloudron or not.
    02 Work In Progress A place that developers can work on apps-in-progress together, and others can follow along.
    03 Announcements Where the newly greenlit apps are announced or whatever the devs want.

    Thoughts? As others contribute more and more, there should be a way to coordinate efforts among ourselves, and with the devs.

  • Staff

    I like this idea. Instead of a category maybe we can have a tag of all the apps that are actively being worked on. I can then put a pinned post in the App Wishlist informing about the tags. So, you click the tag and you get the list of apps being worked on actively (WIP).

  • @girish love it

  • Staff

  • @girish really great to see Freescout is a WIP, my local Covid 19 mutual aid group are interested in using it...

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