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NFS volume mounted, but get "chown"-related error on backup task.

  • Hello,

    I have recently moved away from DigitalOcean Spaces to try and use an included dedicated backup volume for my VPS at OVH.

    The volume is mounted as /cloudron-backups via NFS and I can create files in there. However, the backup task in Cloudron fails after a minute or so with the following error:

    Unable to chown:EPERM: operation not permitted, chown '/cloudron-backups/snapshot/app_27179da8-f406-4df2-b367-6f4a6f28f58a/Oi6VqOX2W580nitJHGQaRw

    Any ideas what would cause that? If it's a restriction I need to get OVH to lift, what do I ask them for exactly? Just trying to see if this is an application issue or if there's a workaround (I assume it's not an application issue), and if it's an provider issue then what do I actually ask them for if they can make changes? Just the ability to chown? And what is Cloudron trying to chown with exactly, is it just trying to chown to yellowtent:yellowtent?

  • Update: I have temporarily worked around this by mounting as CIFS instead of NFS, however I had heard NFS can be more performant so that is why I had chosen NFS. Not sure where the root cause, doubting it's Cloudron but reporting this in case anyone else comes across similar issues with NFS drives particularly if hosted by OVH. CIFS should work instead of NFS in this case.

  • Staff

    I don't think we have tested much or at all to store backups on a nfs share. Samba/cifs however is tested regularly, so if that option is available it is currently preferred.

  • @nebulon Sure. That should probably be added as a note to the docs for NFS shares so that people know to avoid it if they have other options since it isn't tested much. Would have saved me a bunch of time troubleshooting it as I wouldn't have bothered even trying it if I knew it wasn't recommended. 😉