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SOLVED Feature request: List apps that are set to not auto-backup on the Backup page

  • Hello,

    I was just thinking as I have about 30 apps now running on my Cloudron (many are just WordPress, not 30 different apps, lol), that it'd be great to see quickly without having to go into each individual app that those which I want auto backups are enabled and those I want disabled are in fact disabled.

    Having a list somewhere would be great. I was thinking it'd be very useful perhaps adding a section on the Backup page that calls out any apps that are currently set to be disabled in auto-backups, so that anyone who's about to go in and do a manual backup for the whole system can see at a glance which apps may not be included or are otherwise disabled for backups.

    Would anyone else find this useful? Is it possible something like this can be added to the Backup page in Cloudron?

  • Staff

    This should be easy to add. Maybe just a simple list of apps that are not automatically backed up in the Backups view?

  • Staff

    OK, I have added a line that shows the list of apps that are not getting automatically backed up in the backups view. Let's see how well that works.

  • @girish Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Staff

    This was added in 5.1

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