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Configuring Object Storage compatible S3 as Primary Storage

  • Hi,
    Please show me how to configure Object Storage compatible S3 as Primary Storage for cloudron nextcloud app.

  • App Dev

    Not sure if using object storage as primary is intended by Nextcloud, but to add it to your account you have to enable external storage support and then the S3 storage itself, here are the docs that outline everything.

  • Staff

    I have a task to figure this one out - . It supposedly works but I haven't worked out the flow yet.

  • Hi, I am interested in using Object Storage for Nextcloud primary storage as well. Currently, an object storage provider can only be added as external storage. It would be great to be able to configure some s3-compatible Object Storage, which costs much less and can be more durable than Volume, as the primary storage. As I understand it, this is not yet possible in Cloudron. Would it be possible to enable this option?