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Is it OK to change root password?

  • Hello, everyone,

    I am a new user and I am currently testing Cloudron.

    During the installation via my Hoster the root password was sent to me by email. For security reasons I changed it directly. Cloudron was already pre-installed at this time.

    Is that OK, or does Cloudron need the old password?

    Thanks a lot in advance!


  • Staff

    @dieter Cloudron does not require the password (or ssh keys) of your server. In fact, it's best if you remove SSH password altogether and move to ssh based login -

  • Staff

    I was trying to think about the motivation to your question (like why would one expect Cloudron to have the password). I think this might be because some existing products in the market, SSH into your server and configure things and install apps.

    In contrast, Cloudron is entirely self-hosted. The entire stack runs on your server and only you have access to your server ( team does not have or need access to your server). Think of the design like how smart phones work today. Installing apps is about downloading a recipe from the app store and installing it on the phone. Cloudron + App Store works exactly the same way but for servers. If the App Store is down, you only lose the ability to install/update apps but the existing apps will run just fine as long as your server is running.

  • I had the thought, because I don't know how Cloudron installs e.g. the Ubuntu updates, or performs other tasks on operating system level, for which you need at least sudo rights, as far as I know. But my Linux knowledge is not that good 👼

  • Staff

    @dieter Ah ok 🙂 When the Cloudron platform is installed, it creates a separate user called yellowtent (this was a codename for our project when we started). The installation script will add a bunch of commands that allows this user to run privileged operations without a password. You can see what they are in /etc/sudoers.d/yellowtent if you are curious! (it will have commands like reboot, update etc).

  • @dieter if you add an ssh key whilst buying the Hetzner server then they don't even create a root pw

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