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New Nextcloud 4.4.0 update with Integrated TURN Query

  • We have Nextcloud installed with a TURN server manually provisioned as per my post:

    I have held back on the update as I wanted to know whether I should disable/uninstall what I've done to manually provison a TURN server. TBH - I would prefer to go with the 'official' integrated version from Cloudron.

    Also - does the new update add a A record for a TURN server? If so - should I delete the existing one before I go ahead with an upgrade too?

  • Staff

    Thanks for your coturn write up. We did refer to that when we added turn support in Cloudron 5.1, in fact.

    On how to update: you can just uninstall turn server (and also free up the turn ports on the host). The turn server is exposed at, so no need to setup an extra A record. The nextcloud talk app is pre-configured to use the integrated turn server. You can just "re-configure" the app (for example, just go to Location and click save without making any changes) and it should overwrite your old turn settings and put the new one.

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