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  • Hello,

    I was alerted that one of my domains was no longer reachable yesterday and when I went to go visit it found that the Let's Encrypt SSL was broken.

    I tried to refresh the cert in Cloudron but got the error "queryNs ENODATA <domain>"

    Nothing has changed for this domain, including DNS. How do I go about fixing this?


  • Staff

    @chadohman Usually, those things happen if the domain is expiring/expired. Did you renew your domain after an alert? If so, it will take some time for the nameservers of your domain to propagate (depending on your domain provider).

    Otherwise, can you check what the following command returns on the server?

    host -t NS my.<>

    It most likely return ENODATA. If this is the case, can you check the output of the dns:

    systemctl status unbound

    If that's not running, go to Services and restart unbound and then try the host command again.

  • Thanks for the reply, @girish.

    Doing a

    host -t NS

    lead me to find that the NS records were not added in DigitalOcean.
    Adding them in fixed the problem.