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BLOB Storage Addon?

  • Has there been any consideration given to an addon to support S3 blob storage as a storage mechanism rather than localstorage? One could leverage something like blobfuse or something I'd think. This might allow offloading storage from expensive hosted managed disks to inexpensive S3 compatible points (via Minio, Azure Blob, etc) and simply proxy permission sets back through?

  • Staff

    @doodlemania2 adding the addon is easy but most apps do not support blob storage. Even when they do, they are just mostly untested upstream because the localstorage is so much more popular/default. Do you have any specific app in mind that can make use of this addon? For example, I know nextcloud supports this and it works so-so.

  • Was thinking about Nextcloud for sure. In this instance, I was thinking it would be cool to "pretend" to be a full file system (cause of file permissions) but behind the scenes just wrote out to blob. IE, things that are all local storage like Lychee, Paperless, etc could really be awesome if they could abstract that away and use cheap blob but think they are using a real FS.

  • Staff

    Unfortunately unless an app supports it natively, the whole thing is going to very slow. For example, s3fs is slow and does not work well when doing any non-basic operation (file locks, move operations, permissions etc).

    TBH, I think this really needs to come from the cloud providers. They need to provide a way to easily mount such storage as file system. That way, the apps don't need any setting at all.

  • That makes sense. BlobFuse is what MS uses for Azure and it is definitely, not amazing.

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