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Wordpress with Members plugin

  • I'm trying to get Members plugin working but it throws "a critical error" when trying to enter its settings. Are there any obvious gotchas for plugins when using Cloudron Wordpress?

    (What I'm really trying to do is to create more user roles in order to automatically map members to them based on LDAP groups.)

  • Staff

    We kinda need more error logs or such to give helpful information. Generally we hardly have time to debug addons of apps without detailed error description or reproducing those, this is just out of scope for us and most of the time not Cloudron related.

    Possible other users here use the same addon though?

  • @yusf FWIW, I just installed it to see what might happen and it works ok. There did seem to be a few refreshes needed before it appeared in the Menu. I haven't activated Jetpack, and the AuthLDAP plugin is still activated. I have only two other plugins too, related to a theme, activated. I realize I'm not adding much other than confirming that it can work on a basic Cloudron WP app.

  • @yusf said in Wordpress with Members plugin:

    Cloudron Wordpress?

    Managed or unmanaged?

  • @jdaviescoates Managed. Yours is unManaged? I just installed an unmanaged WP, didn't install any new plugin, left it as is, and Members installed, activated and its Settings are viewable. I could add a new user. In Cloudron it works with both "Let any one access" and "Let only this user/group access". I suspect a plugin conflict.

  • Thanks for testing out. I spun up another Wordpress instance and the plugin acts normal in that one, so I must have problems on another level.

  • @yusf I wish you luck!

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