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  • @yusf I guess it depends on what features you're referring to. Bitwarden_rs and the official Bitwarden clients (mobile apps, browser extensions, etc.) all support TOTP token storage and file storage, for example, which are both considered premium features (the $10/year if using official account). Any particular feature you're referring to?

  • @d19dotca Organisations, on the iOS client.

    Would it work to first sign up for premium on their hosted service, somehow unlocking the app, then switch that to self-hosted?

  • @yusf It works with organization in the sense that items shared in an organization will show up and you can add new items to an existing organization. One limitation though in the mobile app is that you can’t create an organization, you have to do that in the web app. That’s a general Bitwarden limitation though, not Bitwarden_rs specifically.

    Screenshot below shows the test item I created in a test org, and has a share icon next to it to signify its from a shared organization.


    Screenshot below shows how to assign to an org. The org I have is called test. The scribbled out option is the personal account. Test is the org.


  • @d19dotca Oh, I see. I was looking for the organization as a folder, not as items. Good news.

  • If a user signs up on my bitwarden instance, the email invite is not sent. Neither if I add a user to an organisation.

    config.env looks like this:

    # Export bitwarden rs environment variables here to ovveride the defaults
    export SIGNUPS_ALLOWED=true
    # To only allow users with the same email domain as where the app is installed:
    # export
    #export LOG_LEVEL=debug

    Or is there a way to manually approve a user?

  • That should be working. Check your outbound mail settings and logs to see if it is stuck somewhere?

  • Indeed, the mail - relayed via sendgrid - was blocked by the recipient email provider

    554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked by RBL; Blocked - see

  • Strange that sendgrid got RBLed...but that's going to be something they will need to straighten out.

  • @doodlemania2 said in Bitwarden_rs:

    Strange that sendgrid got RBLed...but that's going to be something they will need to straighten out.

    What's troubling IMHO that you don't get any notice on such rejected mails in the sender's mail account. You have to manually check

  • Yup - that's a sendgrid thing - they do that to help keep spam down, but you may have to pay or something to get the reputation filters up or something?

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