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Invoice Ninja Question

  • When I set up Invoice Ninja, and then did a Buy Now button (Link, not Form), clicking the link does something strange. The link points to the right alias, but the browser tries to connect to https://alias.cloudronurl:8000. Not sure if that's a configuration, environment setting, or bug (the port 8000 bit.)

  • Staff

    @doodlemania2 That seems like a bug, looking into it.

  • Staff

    @doodlemania2 I cannot find the Buy Now button. Where is it? I thought you were referring to the White Label link at the footer but that seems to be working as expected.

  • Staff

    I managed to find it under Client Portal. @doodlemania2 What I found is that if I set the Landing Page to Payment it works but when I set it to Invoice, it crashes internally (and thus it's doing some internal redirect).

    It looks like this might be related to the type of payment gateway you added. I added a fake stripe gateway, so maybe it's related to that. Did you add a real gateway? If so, you can get the logs at /run/invoiceninja/logs. Maybe you can report it upstream?

  • Will give that a try - yes, was setting to invoice, but will try Payment. Yes, was also set to Stripe. Will report upstream! Thank you so much.

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