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    You can use this thread to track updates to the The Lounge package.

    Please open issues in a separate topic instead of replying here.

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    • Use base image 2.0.0
  • Staff


    • Update lounge to 4.2.0
    • Full changelog
    • This is a minor release with one significant new feature: a mentions panel!
    • Track mentions/highlights and add a window to view them (#3858, #3993, #3862, #3868, #4003 by @xPaw)
    • Add an option to display 12-hour times (#3787 by @xPaw)
    • Add clear channel history (available in channel context menu)(#3778 by @xPaw)
    • Add an indicator to STATUSMSG messages (#3875 by @xPaw)
    • Add native app badges for highlights (Chrome 81+) (#3845 by @xPaw)
    • Add generic monospace blocks for INFO and HELP numerics (#3962 by @xPaw, #4032 by @xPaw)
    • Add option to disable media preview (#3983 by @dalcde)
    • Add navigation in image viewer (#3798 by @richrd)
    • Render images in canvas before upload to remove EXIF data (#3764 by @xPaw)