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Distribute applications on multiple servers?

  • Hello all,

    currently I'm using the free plan but in the foreseable future I will switch to the subscription model because I'm in an urgent need for more applications. ^^

    Right now my Cloudron instance runs very well on a single Hetzner cloud server. Two different TLDs point to that instance, each with a subdomain serving a different application - points to the dashboard. Let's call them:


    I plan to install at least four more apps. Thus I'd need to scale my cloud server accordingly. However I'd like to distribute applications onto multiple servers in order to separate concerns. Is this possible and if so how would I do that?

    Let's imagine the second cloud server:


    Should I simply install another instance of Cloudron on that server and point to e.g. my.example.three?

    I found another thread which seems to describe a similar scenario - is it related? See: Problems with Cloudron on multiple servers

    Kind regards

  • App Dev

    @ctrl Cloudron does not support a single Cloudron install running on multiple "worker" servers at the moment. The devs are working on it, but I don't think they have announced an expected release date for the feature yet.

    However, you can of course have multiple Cloudron installs on multiple servers, each with its own apps, if you need to do so. I don't think they have a special subscription plan for this however, so you may need multiple subscriptions.

  • I think this could be a very interesting feature, eg. to isolate personal apps from other domains and apps...

    Also, this feature allow to do a good workload plan setting up different VPS.

    Many thank's a lot!