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How to install mods, including ones that are java?

  • Hi,
    I just installed minecraft and am trying to install some mods.
    Most like require another mod called Optifine from to be installed. But from what I've read, with the Bedrock version I upload zip files of mods. What do I do with a java mod like Optifine? do I upload it to /tmp and run it from there, or to another directory like /app/data/rbedrock/resource_packs/ ? I already adjusted the config file to change the mode to Creative but it doesn't seem to have worked. Do I need to use the Terminal from within the Cloudron app, or the console that the Minecraft app starts up? Thank you!

  • App Dev

    @scooke Optifine is a client-side mod, just install it on your computer.

    However, to answer the question about mods in general on Java server, you will need to recompile the app afaik. You may be able to install some mods if the app has the server.jar file in the /app/data dir.

    As for configuration changes, you must restart the app after changing the config (easiest way).