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SOLVED Radicale v3 user management

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    To give some heads up, radicale v3 is out and so far we have used a custom fork of radicale 2 to support Cloudron LDAP. We were hoping to use however the plugin interface has changed with version 3.

    We have now created our own LDAP plugin to be able to use upstream releases. It is mostly generic and we try to get that somehow merged with the other ldap auth plugin in the future.
    For anyone interested our code is at

    Also this means the next release will be a major upgrade and thus will require manually clicking the update button. This is because the user mapping is changed and we may not be able catch all cases with our tests.

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    nice! 🎆 hopefully, the upstream author accepts our changes.

  • The endless search for a reliable Caldav server continues:
    When connected to an iOS device, you cannot add guests to an event in Radicale. The field for an invite is just not shown.

  • @necrevistonnezr said in Radicale v3 user management:

    The endless search for a reliable Caldav server continues

    Doesn't Nextcloud do this reliably? Or are some features missing? Or is it just that you want a non-Nextcloud solution?

  • @necrevistonnezr I think that may be more of an iOS thing than a Radicale thing because it works fine to add guests when on macOS. It just isn’t on iOS.

  • @d19dotca Thanks - but still no usable then. If it's not working on mobile, forget it.

  • @necrevistonnezr My point though is it’s not necessarily related to Radicale. I haven’t seen it as an option when either Radicale or SoGO is my DAV server. I seem to recall a long time ago reading that iOS was limited in that invites would only work with Exchange or iCloud accounts. Not sure why or if that’s even still accurate but it’s something to keep in mind as it’s possible no CalDAV/CardDAV will suffice for your use-case on iOS. I haven’t tried NextCloud to be fair, maybe that’ll work somehow.

    Additionally, this is all a little off topic. It has nothing to do with user management in Radicale. 😉

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    @necrevistonnezr Might want to report this upstream instead of here. Maybe they know a workaround.

  • Not sure if this was because of the recent update or not, but one thing I just discovered today is that if I login using my Cloudron email address, it gives me what appears to be an entirely different account as opposed to the username itself. So while I only have one user in Cloudron for myself, it seems that Radicale thinks my email on account and my username are both separate users. Is this one of the things that changed and is this expected or is this an issue? I can imagine something like this may cause confusion with some users, as it seems like every Cloudron user when using LDAP for Radicale now has two separate user entities in Radicale.

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    Ah indeed I think where this is coming from. I think radicale should not support email login in the first place as their login form only states "username" and generally the email accounts on Cloudron are separate from the Cloudron user. A mailbox on Cloudron has an owner, which is a Cloudron user. But each user may have many mailboxes. However there is some other email address set for each user, which is the email specified in the user's profile. Those may or may not be also a mailbox on Cloudron. Due to this potential confusion, we now tend to package apps to only support username based logins where applicable to make this explicit.

    I will fixup radicale to only accept username login. I assume in your case the email used to login is also the one specified in the user's profile?

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    New update now pushed to only accept username based login to avoid this confusion. This also means that when an app was configured with the email address previously to connect to radicale, it will now result in a login failure and has to be changed to the username. Generally this is just more in-sync with the upstream project.

  • @nebulon Yes, that’s correct. The email I was using was the one specified on my profile. 👍 Thank you for all the detailed information, that really helps. 🙂

  • @nebulon I was hoping to force emails as the username, but that's fair. haha. I am a bit OCD and since most online accounts use email addresses, I was hoping to keep that consistency in anything hosted in Cloudron, but I suppose that's not possible anyways since every app is a bit different. For example, Invoice Ninja requires an email address rather than a username, and same for Bitwarden. Others will take either format, such as Matamo and WordPress, etc.