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  • Radicale - Package Updates

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    Update base image to 4.0.0
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    The radicale ldap plugin only does authentication. So, in fact, there is no way for radicale to know about any CN. I suspect this is being generated by something else (afaik, the client generates the events file). In my testing, organizer looks like below:


    Reply to also works correctly.

  • Sharing contacts

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  • Shared Calendars in Radicale

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    @colonelpanic no worries, always good to fix things which come up during real use-cases.

  • Setting up Radicale

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    @nebulon, the docs say to edit the /app/data/rights file to configure permissions. This file did not exist, so I made one and placed it in the /app/data/ folder. However, it does not persist through a restart.

  • Anyone actually using Radicale ?

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    @loudlemur There is no "push" function, it is poll only.

  • Customizing the login page for Radicale

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    @nebulon Okay, that's fair. Yeah I tried in the Radicale docs but couldn't find anything really related to theming or any configurations for overriding the page title and stuff for the web UI. Seems strange, but I guess it's mostly used by admins rather than regular users so I guess it's not a biggie. Just been on a bit of a branding project slowly over the last while and Radicale seemed like it should be an easy one, but didn't turn out that way. haha. I'll dig a little more and file a report upstream for the feature if it truly doesn't exist yet. Thanks for the guidance. πŸ™‚

    PS - If it's not actually a feature though (doesn't seem like it so far), then this is another reason we should have more than one CalDAV/CardDAV server option πŸ˜‰ If I get time over the next few weeks, maybe I"ll try to package one of them up as a sort of first package attempt.

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    Great stuff, persisting with it!

  • Upstreaming LDAP plugin

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    @nebulon Will do. πŸ™‚ I've checked today and see the sync tokens grew a fair bit again, although right now performance seems to still be okay. So I'll monitor a bit over the next week before filing a ticket just in case it grows back to where it was but still syncs quickly, as that may indicate something related but different as a root cause.

  • Radicale v3 user management

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    @nebulon I was hoping to force emails as the username, but that's fair. haha. I am a bit OCD and since most online accounts use email addresses, I was hoping to keep that consistency in anything hosted in Cloudron, but I suppose that's not possible anyways since every app is a bit different. For example, Invoice Ninja requires an email address rather than a username, and same for Bitwarden. Others will take either format, such as Matamo and WordPress, etc.