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Nextcloud default built-in outbound settings?

  • hi guys,

    I am having a problem with the outbound settings for my nextcloud. Please keep im mind, I want only status mails to go out! I am not using any email server on my cloudron nor i want to use an email app inside nextcloud. That means right now only outbound is activated in cloudron and nextcloud has pretty much standard settings.

    if you install a fresh copy of a nextcloud, cloudron auto set ups the outbound functionality. this means, if I login for the first time in this newly installed nextcloud, I input my email address in my nextcloud admin profile and I go to "Basic Settings" in nextcloud and I hit "Send Email", they email goes out and I recieve the email, all good!

    Sadly my problem is, that in my actual nextcloud install (I've had it a couple of years now) at some point I used external SMTP settings. Now I want to use the default, by cloudron generated built-in SMTP settings, but I cannot make it work. I think I have everything setup correctly, but the password is giving problems

    the error:
    A problem occurred while sending the email. Please revise your settings. (Error: Failed to authenticate on SMTP server with username "" using 1 possible authenticators. Authenticator LOGIN returned Expected response code 235 but got code "535", with message "535 5.7.8 Authentication failed ".)

    Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-08 um 13.32.06.png

    I tried using the cloudron admin password, since I only have the admin user in cloudron, but without success.

    The same happens in the newly installed instances of nextcloud. If I "by mistake" overwrite the SMTP settings by hitting "Save", everything stops working and I have no clue what password was used for the built-in SMTP server when Cloudron created the app.

    I am not that tech savvy when it comes to these things and appreciate any help!


  • damn, all I needed was an app restart... well, now I know 🙂

  • Staff

    Good that it works now. For clarification, an app restart will reset all Cloudron specific settings, in case they were misconfigured or more importantly in case the information has changed on the Cloudron side (like a password, port or secret)

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