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Group-Office (Sogo/Nextcloud Alternative + ActiveSync)

  • Hi everyone,
    I started looking for possible solutions to the problem we are having in building the image of Sogo with ActiveSync and not finding a solution (if you want to try to help, find the issue here).

    So I looked for an alternative:
    What do you think of GroupOffice?

    They have a rather complete free version, with modules:

    • e-mail (Sieve, Multiple mail for account)
    • list itemcontacts
    • list itemcalendar
    • list itemfile (webdav compatible)
    • list itemactivesync (with also a module to control activesync)

    • The sharing system is very complete like that of sogo, there can be email accounts, calendars, address book and shared drives.

    it is entirely written in PHP so creating a dockerimage should not be a problem, the only disadvantage is that the developers are not very active even if they continue to release bugfixes, they do not have deadlines for new features.


  • Sounds interesting, especially because of Active Sync. But the Pro Version is required.

    You can optionally install ActiveSync support. You need the professional version of Group-Office for this to work. This functionality will be added through the installation of Z-Push. Proceed to the Z-push installation page.

  • App Dev

    Interesting find - If it is all PHP based, the the LAMP app can help test and get a feel for all the features. Looks like there is a pro license you can get for more features too.

    The lamp app will work but the tnef, poppler-utils packages will need to be installed to get all the free features working. These packages only affect PDF and winmail.dat readability.

  • @Captain-Kirk the wiki is deprecated, active sync is a free protocol now, no more licence from Microsoft needed, i have it installed for testing and its work.

    Collabora is in the pro version.